Get more value from your e-commerce investments

Customers expect more, competition is getting tougher and more international. To survive, companies have to raise the bar and reinvent themselves. Over and over again. At the Intershop Roadtrip 2017 Intershop, its partners and about 150 attendees discovered how to meet new business demands and get more value from the investments in the Intershop e-commerce solutions. Moreover, we not only successfully raised the bar, but also a glass in celebration of our 25th anniversary.

Thank you for raising the bar with Intershop!


Outlook 2018 − Strategy & Product

Matthias Mueller I Intershop


Tim Bosch I Salmon

Your sales loves digital commerce, don’t they?

Rene Verspuij & Roelof Swiers I Intershop

Speed up the Development Process

Niels Peters & Bruno Braes I Fenego

Innovate by Migration

Nils Breitmann & Otto Smittenaar I Intershop

Integrate the world

Nils Breitmann & Otto Smittenaar I Intershop

Workshop Channel Conflict

Jeroen Happel & Stefan Buitenhuis I De Nieuwe Zaak

Methodisch naar 64% conversie verhoging

Gert-Jan Schikker I Incentro


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